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Not just another training company…

4ND has arisen from the lived experiences of our founder, Angie Balmer, who was diagnosed with autism as an adult.

Recently, the benefits of a Neurodiverse workforce are starting to be recognised and acknowledged.  However, this wasn’t always the case.  Angie has had to go through this the hard way, often finding herself in a position where she didn’t seem to fit in or wasn’t able to give what her manager wanted or expected, despite being  capable, intelligent and wanting to succeed.

Angie Balmer, founder of 4 Neurodiversity and the Society 4 Neurodiversity
Angie Balmer, founder of 4Neurodiversity and The Society 4Neurodiversity

With a little more awareness, understanding and some subtle changes, Angie and other Neurodivergent people can thrive, to everybody’s benefit.  Our support is informed by experience, hard earned in real life situations, that’s what make us true specialists in different.

I am dedicated to promoting inclusion and acceptance of neurodiversity by educating and inspiring people

Angie Balmer

Before starting 4ND, Angie worked as a Learning Disabilities and Neurodiverse Conditions Community Partner for the Department for Work and Pensions.  Angie’s role involved training Jobcentre Plus staff across West Yorkshire to be better equipped to support their Neurodiverse clients. Angie has also worked collaboratively on local projects to enhance the support that people with neurodiverse conditions receive in organisations and employment settings.  

Together with established public and private sector links, Angie brings her personal insight to the company.  As an adult diagnosed with Autism, Angie fully appreciates both the challenges and treasures that being neurodiverse can bring.  Angie has a strong desire to enable others to better understand how people commonly experience neurodiverse conditions and the effects on daily living and employment. 

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